Who Would Have Thought?

I stopped writing my blog because a certain mysterious man happened to read a post that happened to be about him and it really upset him. That was what, 2 years ago? Where has the time gone? It amazes me every day the way life changes. That same man is the man I currently live with! After all the heartache and questions and frustration, we finally made it work and now live together in harmonious bliss! Ok, we'll maybe that last part is a bit of an exaggeration. But I do love him dearly and he feels the same about me, even after all the blogs I wrote about him in the past! Who would have thought? Life is funny that way. I believe everything happens for a reason and our situation is proof of that! I miss writing so I am going to try this whole blog thing again. Happy St. Patrick's Day... I hope you are all enjoying a green beer and Irish cheer!


Bring me back to life

Well my little sis has convinced me to start writing again. To be honest I have missed my blogger friends! The end of 2011 was a bit of a whirlwind. I was recruited to a new company in a new city so I was able to start 2012 with a truly new beginning. I began 2012 with a new job, sleeping on my bff's couch, And single of course. Don't be jealous. I know all of you are wishing you could crash on your 31 year old married friend's couch. Having dinner with the perfect couple every night, playing with their perfect 8 month old baby girl. It in no way made me jealous or anything. Or insecure about where I am in life. Definitely not.

In all seriousness I am very blessed to have such a wonderful friend, who was willing to open up her home to me despite the inconvenience to her family. I think this could be my year, the year of Randi. I hope you all will follow my new journey. It will surely be entertaining. As usual!

I am Sorry

My blog  was never intended to hurt anyone's feelings.  It was  supposed to be funny, and a way for me to laugh at myself.  It was brought to my attention that some of my posts were bitchy and hurtful.  Anyone who knows me would hopefully know that was never my intent.  I feel terrible that I have hurt someone.  Looks like I will be looking  for new blog  topics!  Any and all suggestions  are welcome!  I do sincerely apologize if I offended anyone.


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